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Ask a student live

February 14, 2012

This week  Inholland started the project "Ask a student". The new initiative offers new students an extra facility to assist them in making the right choice. Student buddies will use their own experiences to answer any questions by mail, phone (Skype) or via Facebook.

International student buddies can inform students how they made their choice and how  their experiences are of doing a bachelor at Inholland. The students from the "Ask a student" team can answer questions regarding:
- The programmes
- Living in The Netherlands 
- Student accommodation
- Campus life
- International community
- Campus facilities
- Open days and trial study days
- Teaching methods
- How many hours per week students needs to study
- Employment and work, the pros and cons

Advice from Student buddy, Meret Shueschke from Germany

"I had millions of questions before I decided to study at Inholland. And before I moved to the Netherlands. About the university, the study courses, living in the Netherlands…  I have found out most of these things by now and am happy to answer your questions. Whatever it is you might want to know before you decide on a study program. Or before you finally arrive here. Just go ahead and ask, that's the best way to find out if you are making the right choice".

Meret (at the right side) and colleagues from "Ask a student"

The profiles and contact details of Meret and other international  student buddies can be found on
Ask a student