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Communication programme

March 27, 2012


The Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) has decided to award a positive assessment to the Communication programmes in Amsterdam/Diemen, The Hague and Rotterdam. "I am extremely proud. Proud because were only awarded good and satisfactory scores, " according to the Dean of the faculty, Regine van Stieglitz (Communication, Media and Music). "This is a sound basis for an excellent programme.  I appreciate the effort made during the past period by the lecturing teams."


On the instructions of the NVAO, a panel from the independent certification agency, Hobéon, reviewed Inholland's programmes mentioned above. The review focused on the objectives of the programme, the educational programme itself, the deployment of staff, facilities, internal quality assurance and the results. The programmes were awarded satisfactory scores on all six points.

Study load in balance

For instance, the accreditation report states that "The structure of the bachelor's programme guarantees sound substantive cohesion." The programme is "feasible" and the study load is "distributed in a balance manner".  In addition, variation in the various forms of tuition within the programme ensures that students are able to establish the link between theory and practice and knowledge and skills.  The panel advised the programme, however, to continue paying attention within the curriculum to international developments. The panel also saw added value in closer co-operation between the Dutch and English International Communication and Management programmes and the Associate Degree programme. 


With regard to staffing, the report stated, for instance, that the lecturers were sufficiently qualified. "At the site in Diemen, more than 45% of lecturers have a master's degree and three of the lecturers are studying towards a doctorate. At the sites in Rotterdam and The Hague, 60% have a master's degree. One lecturer in the team in the Hague and Rotterdam is studying towards a doctorate."

Graduation projects

In addition, the panel also assessed 39 graduation projects of various variants and sites and concluded that "students have the level of thinking which is required of a university of applied sciences and which may be expected of a professional practitioner at the start of his or her career. The problems dealt with in the final assignments are sufficiently complex and relevant to professional practice. The outcomes of research are consistent with the problem and the outcomes are useful and relevant to the area of work."  With regard to the results, the panel also had a few remarks. For instance, the panel recommends paying more attention in the programmes to research skills or research techniques, literature research, use of language and spelling.

Inholland offers International Communication Management on the locations
Amsterdam/Diemen, The Hague and Rotterdam. 
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