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Guest lecture Shashank Nigam

October 17, 2011

Shashank Nigam, the founder of the website simpliflying.com, gave a guest lecture to students of the Business Travel & Incentives minor in Diemen on Wednesday. Nigam, who only graduated three years ago, explained how he had moved from his ICT study to where he is now, namely the director of an international consultancy firm for airline marketing and social media.

"From my workplace at my first job, I had a view of the Boston (USA) airport," Nigam said at the start of his story. "I had always been enthralled by aeroplanes and that was about all that I found interesting to look at, apart from my computer screen. 'I must do something with this,' I thought to myself. I was also interested in marketing, despite the fact that I knew nothing about it. Marketing and airlines also seemed to be a logical combination, but there was hardly any information to be found on this on the Internet. That is why I started a blog: simpliflying.com.

"Social media is totally unknown in the airline branch," Nigam explained, "while social media can be used fantastically to improve services."

At present, simpliflying.com has almost 20 employees spread across, for instance, Singapore, Boston and Washington, and the company carries out assignments for, for instance, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

International guest speakers at Inholland

Inholland lecturer, David Elliott, explains why he thinks it is so important to invite international guest speakers of this calibre. "He is young in a world dominated largely by people in their 40s and 50s. Everyone expects social media to be used extensively within the airline industry, but most airline companies are not yet even looking in this direction. Shasank opens their eyes and shows them what competitors and organisations from other industries are doing in this area. I think it is important to invite people of this calibre as guest lecturers because it is enriching for students. It enables them to meet people on the cutting edge of the industry."