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HBO Knowledge Base

January 9, 2012

The HBO Knowledge Base (HBO Kennisbank) offers public access to the results of research done by Dutch Universities of Applied Science. The HBO Knowledge Base stimulates the exchange of knowledge between research, education, business and society.

Inholland University of Applied Sciences is one of the participating institutes in this HBO Knowledge Base with 162 publications in Dutch and English on subjects like Design management, internet and Social Media.

Social media and social companies

In this article, Inholland Professor of E-business Frans van der Reep argues the need for a new architectural priciple when desgining software systems. The Internet and its capacity to provide social media technology is creating a new P2P networked economy. An economy based around people working together and which will have a major impact on the corporate structure and its business models. However, most of the current software, e.g. ERP or supply chain management systems, support organizational fragmentation where poeple are treated just like 'nuts and bolts'. This will have no future and a shift should be made to a more human centric architecture where 'lean and mean'is replaced by 'lean and meaningful'. Van der Reep calls this architectural principle 'Recursion', where any subset of the system contains all the functionality of the complete system.

This publication and other articles from Inholland research fellows and professors can be found on
HBO Kennisbank