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Tabe Mulder Prize 2011

January 19, 2012

Only call me if it is really necessary," Ernst Mak called shortly before the prize-giving during the New Year's reception in Diemen. He called from the classroom as, after all, he was giving a class. This is characteristic of someone whose heart and soul is in education. 24 lecturers and students nominated the computer network lecturer for the Tabe Mulder Prize 2011. Ernst received the cheque of € 3,000 on Wednesday morning from Tabe Mulder himself.

With a total of 15 nominations it appeared more difficult than ever this year to select the winner of the Tabe Mulder Prize. Nevertheless, according to the site and faculty director, Elvire Biegel, three candidates drew attention immediately. They are three stars in the area of educational leadership, their relationship with their students and their relationship with the outside world. These are precisely the qualities which Inholland urgently needs at this time.


According to his students, Daniël Rutten, a lecturer in Facility Management, is one of this group of lecturers who fits entirely within the profile of the new University. "In the past years, Daniël has fulfilled his role as the secretary of the programme advisory committee with verve. In addition, as a graduation supervisor, he has been innovative and successful, mainly due to the intervision form of teaching which he initiated within his graduation group. All six students of his group graduated within the specified period."

Speech from location director Elvire Biegel for Daniël Rutten

Peter 't Lam

Peter 't Lam, also a lecturer in Communication, was nominated for the Tabe Mulder Prize. He was nominated, amongst other things, for his expertise in his subject. "He is able to link this expertise to a vision, charisma and natural leadership," according to Elvire Biegel. "Peter has guided the Communication programme through various subject-related dips and changes in particularly stressful times. He was at the centre of the accreditation activities.  At present, within the framework of the reorganisation and the transition, he is the chairman of the Curriculum Committee. Furthermore he has mastered the art of encouraging his team of lecturers-despite themselves-to perform beyond what they thought possible. As a result, a feeling of togetherness with a strong sense of achievement has emerged (the 'wow' factor). We have to draw on this quality and sense of togetherness in these times."

Ernst Mak

"In the past year, Ernst thought up, set up and implemented the EPSIAE project," according to a letter of recommendation from fellow lecturers and students. This is an international project in which students from various European countries have carried out assignments. The intended final result is that students can determine the impact of ICT on the environment from an international financial, legal, medical, ethical and technical perspective. "Everything that was necessary to set up, finance and evaluate this project was his work.  In addition, it should be noted that the time that Ernst invested was largely his own free time!"

  Speech from Ernst Mak, reponsible for EPSIAE 

Tabe Mulder

This time the honour of awarding the prize fell to the former lecturer, Tabe Mulder. After loud applause and the handing over of the cheque, the winner, Ernst Mak, gave a modest expression of his gratitude. "It is a very great pleasure to me to receive this prize. What can I say, I just enjoy my work. But the applause must not only be for me, but also for my colleagues. Without them I would certainly not have managed all this."