Within the E-music department of Conservatorium Haarlem you will immerse yourself in music production of the digital domain. Your main instrument is the computer/laptop. Among the courses you will follow are Mixing & Producing, Songwriting, Audio Recording, Remixing, Synching, Sound Design and Game Audio. You will learn how to work with software such as Logic, Pro Tools, and Ableton. The theoretical classes such as Harmony, Roots, Transcription, and Rhythm & Timing are identical to the Pop program, thus equipping you with a broad musical basis. Additionally you also follow curriculum revolving around Education and Entrepreneurship.After graduating you will be certified to teach at music schools or your own practice. You will also be trained as a cultural entrepreneur. Both individually and cooperatively you initiate and organize performances, projects, and productions. You will establish liaisons with clients and purchasers, already building your network during your education.

Professional profiles E-MUSIC

Engineer & Studio Producer

This E-musician is an ambitious professional in the audio recording studio and has extensive knowledge of and experience with studio recording, mixing and producing. The Engineer/Studio Producer masters the relevant hardware and software and knows how studio equipment and acoustics work. Apart from that he/she knows how to deal with musicians & artists, offering the appropriate mix of serviceability according to the client’s wishes combined with the E-musician’s expertise and artistic vision. Operating as an independent entrepreneur with his/her own studio, the E-musician generates income through assignments and producer royalties, or could be employed by a recording studio.

Dance Producer

This E-musician is very skilled at composing and producing dance music. To do this he/she has expert knowledge of audio software and relevant hardware. The E-musician has an outward vision and knows what is going on in the industry, enabling him/her to produce profitable music. Apart from producing dance tracks behind the scenes, this E-musician might also (inter)nationally perform as DJ/producer at clubs and festivals. As an independent entrepreneur, income is generated through royalties, live revenue, record sales and copyright titles.

Media Producer

This E-musician is an all-round musician who focuses on composing and producing music or sound design for media applications such as soundscapes or music for films and TV series, commercials, games, etc. He/she has proficient knowledge of relevant software and hardware. With an elaborate network of (potential) clients such as media companies, game producers, and advertisement companies, one works as an independent entrepreneur generating income through assignments and copyright, or possibly is employed by a media company.

All the profiles mentioned above include the capability to design and carry out lessons and courses for groups and individuals.