International Writers Camp 2019

*commercial assignments from renowned industry representatives
* incredibly valuable learning experience for all participants
* participating students from over 15 different countries
* intensively working together with creative minds
* 5-8 November 2019

The International Writers Camp (IWC) is an annual event organised by Conservatorium Haarlem in order to introduce the students to the real world of the music industry, while expanding their mind set and expertise by intensively working together with creative minds from another genre, profession and country.

The IWC is powered by real commercial assignments from renowned industry representatives (among which BMG/Talpa, CTM Music & Sony/ATV Music). An incredibly valuable learning experience for all participants and an amazing way to obtain international experience and contacts within just a matter of days.

The past years we have welcomed students from Baron School Of Music (Hong Kong), Berklee College Of Music (USA), COPA Campus Of Performing Arts (Kaapstad), Conservatorium Gent (Belgium), ESMUC Barcelona (Spain), Hochschule der Populairen Kunste (Germany), ICOM International College Of Music (Malaysia) JMC Academy (Australia), Leeds College Of Music (UK), Malmo Academy of Music (Sweden), Metropolia (Finland), Napier University (UK), Royal Academy of Music (Denmark), Royal Northern College Of Music (UK), The True School Of Music (India), Saint Louis College Of Music (italy), University Of Agder (Norway) and Valencia Campus (Spain).
IWC kicks off with a briefing informing the students about the kind of songs the publishing companies and record labels are looking for. Previous to the briefing all students have been mixed into groups with at least one vocalist, one electronic musician/producer, and one instrumentalist. Each group chooses one assignment and works on it during the following three days.

During the IWC all the facilities of Conservatorium Haarlem (three professional audio studios, rehearsal rooms, vocal & production booths) will be exclusively available for IWC. Several teachers and esteemed music industry professionals will be present to coach the students.
On Friday the IWC is concluded with a plenary presentation of the end results. All the representatives of the publishing companies and record labels are members of the jury. They will reflect on the students' work and reveal whether the end result could or will be used for an official pitch. During previous project weeks we were delighted to see that in several cases the end products met the industry standards, impressed the jury and led to student groups actually striking a real deal with an international music business corporation!

About Conservatorium Haarlem
Our school is located in Haarlem, a historic city about 15 km from Amsterdam. Conservatorium Haarlem is the smallest music conservatory in the Netherlands, fully specialised in Pop and Electronic Music (dance music production, studio production & audio for media). It was voted best Dutch conservatory in several leading student and industry surveys in 2017 and 2018, being praised for its specialist attitude, acclaimed teacher team, excellent facilities, focus on entrepreneurship and a proactive connection with the music industry.

Interested in participating in IWC? Please contact our International Relations Coordinator Remco van Eijndhoven;