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Conservatorium Haarlem

Conservatorium Haarlem has a rich cultural history and as of 2010 resides within the modern campus of Inholland Haarlem, with excellent facilities. Conservatorium Haarlem was one of the first conservatories in the Netherlands to introduce pop music education and is the only one to offer a specific educational program for electronic music.
Conservatorium Haarlem distinguishes itself from other institutions through a strong focus on education that envisions a pragmatic, entrepreneurial, all-round professional musician. The student's development leads towards being a widely deployable, recognizable and authentic artist, with a broad repertoire at hand. The combination of 'Art, Business & Education' plays a central role towards this end goal.You graduate as an independent entrepreneur in the music industry and earn a living though your mixed professional practice (performing/teaching/entrepreneurship/producing).


Auditions are held in order to determine who is admitted to the Conservatorium Haarlem. During these auditions we check whether your initial achievement level is satisfactory (check: Admittance Requirements) and whether you are sufficiently talented to enroll. Via this site (link) you can apply for the auditions (always taking place in April).


The two fields of study at the Conservatorium Haarlem (Pop & E-music) consist of 4-year full-time educational programs, requiring 40 hours per week of projects, classes, individual study, presentations and assignments.
The program is designed in order to educate you as broadly as possible within your future sphere of activity. To realize this, many extras are offered, such as workshops and master classes catered by renowned musicians and producers. From early stages of their study onwards, students of the Conservatorium Haarlem are playing alongside professional musicians, performing at primary venues and festivals, and are involved in numerous music industry projects.


The Conservatorium Haarlem has at its disposal no less than three professional digital audio recording studios, a large number of well-equipped band practice rooms, study booths and private rehearsal rooms, as well as a state-of-the-art Mac classroom with optical fiber connections to all the studios.
Without exception our teachers are very active music professionals who perform with successful (inter)national bands and/or collaborate with prominent artists for (inter)national productions. Several times per year there are special projects during which students cooperate directly with well-known musicians, publishers and managers.