Needs analysis

To implement the SPIN tool in the most efficient way possible and at those levels of the Social Ecological Model that is needed we will conduct a needs analysis per country. There will be started off by sharing the project partner’s knowledge and experience in terms of needs within their country. Based on the input of the sport organisations and their network will be decided in which country the interventions will be implemented on what level of the Social Ecological Model (individual, interpersonal, institutional, community and policy level). This will transfer knowledge into practice. Also, the project partners are dedicated to spread the results even further, by ways of dissemination activities, making it possible for more European countries to address the needs of disabled youths.

We started by actualizing and improving the Personal Adapted Physical Activity Instructor (PAPAI) handbook. Beside PAPAI videos are filmed and additional research is conducted. Below you find a video about the Dutch PAPAI. The new PAPAI handbook can be downloaded here.

Impact assessment

Finally, the impact of the SPIN tool that was developed and implemented during the project will be assessed. The SPIN tool will be assessed amongst all relevant stakeholders in the field of sport and inclusion, including the target group of disabled youth, their direct surroundings, educational and sports institutes, national stakeholders and policy-makers. All of them will be invited to answer open-ended questions, to increase their input. It will address several key features of SPIN tool, like: the online hobby finder, addressing the perceived barriers to sports and the user interface.

The eventual impact of the SPIN tool and the project outcomes as a whole will be analysed. Based on this analysis, new critical points of improvement can be included. This final part of the project will have great impact, whereas it enables us to take a critical look at our own work, to look into possible points of improvement and refine the SPIN tool for further use. Once the SPIN tool is critically assessed and fine-tuned it can be disseminated as broadly as possible.