Enterprising Innovation


To turn knowledge into economic growth and jobs is one of Inholland University of Applied Sciences' greatest challenges. Innovation in itself is insufficient - it needs to be made profitable through good entrepreneurship. That's why theory and practical knowledge must complement one another in entrepreneurship.

Inholland aims to have a close relationship with students, the market and society. Entrepreneurship is not an optional subject, but an integral part of Inholland's study programmes. Entrepreneurship is a state of mind which Inholland wants to engender in its students. As a university the institution is continually looking for ways to align its programmes with market opportunities.

According to Inholland, entrepreneurship is based on the following pillars:

  • Taking risks - only when you take risks, are you able to expand your abilities and make progress.
  • Competition - competitive pressure leads to quality improvements.
  • Being hands-on - taking control.