Executive Board


The Executive Board has a broad range of duties, including:

  • defining the strategy, mission and objectives;
  • overseeing accommodation and the management of financial and material assets and HR;
  • ensuring staff and students' safety and health, and safeguarding other aspects of occupational health and safety and working conditions, in the buildings and on the campuses of Inholland.

The Executive Board consists of:

G.M.C. (Jet) de Ranitz, MA – Chair
H. (Huug) de Deugd, MA – Education and Research Portfolio Holder
M.J.W.T. (Marcel) Nollen, MPA, PhD – Operational Management Portfolio Holder 

Drs. G.M.C. (Jet) de Ranitz, voorzitter
G.M.C. (Jet) de Ranitz, MA
Drs. H. (Huug) de Deugd, collegelid.
H. (Huug) de Deugd, MA
Board Member
Dr. M.J.W.T. (Marcel) Nollen, collegelid
M.J.W.T. (Marcel) Nollen, MPA, PhD
Board Member
Drs. A.M.H. (Anne Marie) Kraal, secretaris
A.M.H. (Anne Marie) Kraal, MA
Karlien de Bruin
K. (Karlien) de Bruin
Press Officer

Executive Board Secretary

A.M.H. (Anne Marie) Kraal, MA
Tel: +31 (0)88 - 466 41 16
E-mail: annemarie.kraal@inholland.nl

Press Officer for the Executive Board

Monday - Thursday:
K. (Karlien) de Bruin
Mob: +31 (0)6 - 152 797 73
E-mail: karlien.debruin@inholland.nl

A. (Alexander) van Zijp
Mob: +31 (0)6 - 520 446 75
E-mail: alexander.vanzijp@inholland.nl

Street address

Theresiastraat 8
2593 AN  The Hague
The Netherlands

Postal address

PO Box 95597
2509 CN  The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)70 312 32 46
E-mail: collegevanbestuur@inholland.nl