Active learning

Inholland University of Applied Sciences has opted for competence-based learning. This means that we are guided by the following principles:

  • learning is an active process
  • education is practice oriented
  • learning tasks should reflect professional practice as much as possible

As a consequence students can apply the competences they learn directly in their very first job. During their studies students already work on concrete projects from professional practice. One means to this end are the project bureaus, which play a real-world role in society.

A lot of independence and self-motivation are expected from the students. Students have approximately 16 hours of scheduled lectures each week, complemented by contacts with lecturers for individual study career coaching or project guidance. The rest of the week they work on projects, individually or in a group. Assignments always directly derive from professional practice and offer the opportunity for real-world learning in an academic setting. Contact with lecturers during the assignments is face-to-face or remote, using modern ICT facilities such as the digital portfolio and blackboard - the digital learning environment.

Project bureaus

A project bureau brings students and clients together to collaborate on innovative projects with social added value. Students work in a professional assignment setting  for city councils or for local non-profit organisations. These are complex projects that often cannot be handled by one professional field on its own. So the students work together in small multidisciplinary teams. The projects last a full academic year and are combined with differentiation minors.