Inholland University of Applied Science stands close to its students, the market and society and anticipates the demand for borderless higher education and applied knowledge.

Our core values
Inholland University of Applied Science is convinced that an institution for higher education does not only transfer knowledge, but also plays an important social role. The following four key values are the point of departure in our thought and actions and make a concrete contribution to realising a strong brand in the education sector.

Inholland University of Applied Science is open to everyone and has a transparent organisation with short lines of communication at all levels. Students and staff are involved with each other and Inholland University provides them with an inspiring and stimulating study and working environment. Through a regional network of schools, students receive education close to home, spread throughout the provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland.

Inholland is socially committed and responds to local developments. In the large cities, for instance, we pay attention to poor inner-city areas, unemployment, security, spatial planning, integration and education. Students and employees participate in social projects. Inholland responds to issues such as the shortage of teachers and the declining interest in mathematics-based subjects and technology. We contribute to finding solutions to these problems and offer students from lower secondary vocational education, secondary vocational education and from universities of professional education opportunities for further study at university and postgraduate levels.

Inholland is keen to be a trendsetter and to look beyond its boundaries. Employees can develop in line with our objectives as a knowledge institute. People involved with Inholland are proactive and alert, do not procrastinate, but take action. Our demanddriven and adequate way of working is constantly fed by innovation based on research & development.

Inholland wishes to ensure that its students can develop their talents to their full potential. In the competitive environment of higher education, Inholland wishes to be amongst the best. The outside world must acknowledge us to be a reliable partner, driven and innovative, customer and market-oriented and financially sound. We expect of employees that they are ambitious and have an open, market-oriented attitude and are focused on discovering and realising opportunities. In principle, we answer a request from society with "Yes".