Aeronautical Engineering (EN) fulltime

"The university offers a great balance between technical and theoretical skills and knowledge."

Student Alex Nguyen

My name is Nguyen Ba Nam Thien and I am from Vietnam. People (except Vietnamese) call me Alex, because it’s easier to remember.

I did some research when I looked for an engineering bachelor in high technologies such as IT or electronics. Considering the opinions of students and alumni shared on the internet, I decided to study abroad in the Netherlands.

Having been interested in technology and aircrafts from childhood, I was really happy when I accidentally found the Aeronautical Engineering programme at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Reading the study programme, I was attracted to the practical and professional approach of the course, mandatory internship opportunities, English classes and multicultural classroom.

The advantages of this programme
During my four years at Inholland in Delft, I really enjoy the architecture of the building, the interesting lessons, workshops and excursions. The lecturers are professional and really want to help students with theirs struggles, both in study and daily life. My classmates are open-minded and respect cultural differences. We are all eager to learn from and with each other. I also like the small class sizes and the quality of the facilities at Inholland Delft. Besides that, I am part of the new Honours programme, which is a great opportunity to improve myself personally and professionally.

Living in the Netherlands
The way of life in the Netherlands is relaxed, easy-going and welcoming. The Dutch are friendly, respectful and open-minded, but they greatly value being on-time, well-behaved and fair. The relationship between lecturers, supervisors and students is very personal, which creates a relaxed vibe during classes and internships.

There are many students from different cultures and backgrounds here. Making friends is not hard, as long as you are tolerant and do not lock yourself away in your room. It is always a surprise and experience to meet others in this multicultural environment!

There is plenty of affordable accommodation for students, except in big cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The living expenses are reasonable, around 600 euros a month in my case, of which the biggest part is rent.

Mandatory internships
The important skills for students to be successful at Inholland University, are planning and self-discipline. There is a wide range of courses taught over the course of four years and you need to have the discipline to manage your time between the courses, projects and assignments, alongside your other daily activities. There are also mandatory internships, so you can work as a real engineer for a company that you can choose yourself. These are good opportunities to get real working experience and to explore your strengths and weaknesses.

The university offers a great balance between technical and theoretical skills and knowledge. The learning atmosphere is exciting; the teaching staff is great and professional. There are a lot of outdoor study related assignments, excursions and interesting projects throughout the years. Overall, I would highly recommend Inholland!


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