About IBIS


Challenge what you think you know about business 

Everywhere in the world, innovation is key. Our society is in the midst of a shift in world views. We are moving from a post-industrial techno market which is characterized by linearity and standardisation (think of the factory model introduced by Frederick W. Taylor and Henry Ford), to a social-ecological era. This new era revolves around customisation, personalisation, differentiation and distribution. Complexity is shifting from something that is mostly two-dimensional and that can be addressed sequentially, to something that is three-dimensional that demands simultaneous and integrated attention, with a more cross-disciplinary approach. As predictability becomes more difficult and uncertainty becomes the norm, innovation becomes indispensable for businesses. More than ever, in the 21st century businesses need to be able to understand key trends that will shape the future of technology, customers, society and the market place and be agile at responding to these. 


The International Business Innovation Studies (IBIS) programme is Inholland's new challenging, fully international (English-taught) 4-year full-time bachelor programme. It is aimed at providing the business world and society with agents of innovation who can help the business they work for to survive and thrive in this age of rapid change. These are professionals who look at the (business) world from a fresh perspective, who can see beyond the conventional 'business as usual', who spot or create opportunities, who understand customer needs, who come up with new ideas (for products, services, business models, ways of doing things within the business) and who are capable of implementing these in the existing business context.
International Business Innovation Studies is offered at Inholland's Amsterdam/Diemen campus.

Are you interested in leading change and innovation within an international business environment? Would you like to develop and sharpen your skills in:
  • defining trends and developments, problems, issues, opportunities, necessary changes; 
  • designing value-adding solutions that meet the end users' needs (e.g. concepts, strategies, products, services, processes); 
  • executing / implementing business cases, plans, ideas, solutions and performing tasks and activities derived from the business case and plans (marketing, sales, HR, purchasing, finance, etc.); 
  • evaluating, measuring and monitoring performance and execution?

Do you want to become an idea fuser ("a person with the ability to pull two unlike things together to create a beautiful third") and a knowmad ("a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere")?Then the International Business Innovation Studies programme might be perfect for you. You will develop skills in discovery (innovation, concept development, creative thinking, design) and delivery (implementation, planning), and learn how to combine and apply them to new developments on an international scale in order to set high visions, execute innovations profitably and manage innovation. 



The IBIS team

The IBIS core team consists of the following people:

  • Willem Viets - Dean Inholland International College
  • Sandra Reeb-Gruber - Curriculum Director IBIS
  • Vera Habers - Coordinator Planning & Organisation
  • Yvonne Brouwer - Team Assistant
  • John Tielman - Lecturer Innovation
  • Ina Martinovic - Lecturer Design & Concept Development
  • Tom Kentson - Lecturer Economics & Finance
  • Edwin van der Sleen - Lecturer Business & Marketing
  • Koos Zwaan - Lecturer Research & Discovery
  • Marette Ebert - Lecturer Research & Discovery, Cultural Awareness
  • Melissa Duchak - Lecturer Thinking & Reasoning, Cultural Antrhopology
  • Hesther Jolly - Trainer Professional Skills Development
  • Mylène Gordinou - Trainer Professional Skills Development
  • Gert Dammer - Lecturer Organisation & Strategy
  • Huib Boekelman - Lecturer Strategy and Trends
  • Karl Philips - Lecturer English

In addition, IBIS employs a variety of external experts to enrich all kinds of topics with guest lectures.