IBIS Learning Environment


The physical environment plays a crucial part in the depth of learning and ways of thinking. For example, it is easier to retrieve information in a similar environment to the one in which it was first learned. And research has shown that different (cultural) atmospheres and symbols foster different ways of thinking and behaving.

Innovation requires a certain environment and a way of (not) doing things; it doesn't come about just because one aims to innovate. Innovation-fostering environments are environments that inspire people to question things constantly, and that make people lose themselves somewhat so that they are stimulated to 'let go' and unlearn. They are (work) environments that invite experimentation,  learning from failure and collaboration.


The IBIS physical learning and working environment on Inholland's Amsterdam/Diemen campus is characterized by principles of 'New Learning Spaces' and 'The New Working'. The central point in the environment is a multifunctional lounge in which students and staff can work (individually or in teams), hold meetings and socialize. IBIS staff also have their own open space working lounge. All spaces in the IBIS learning environment are highly multifunctional and flexible. IBIS employs the Bring Your Own Technology policy for students as well as staff. That way everyone can always work anywhere and choose a space that best fits the working activities, and learning and working spaces are created that enable unencumbered collaboration, mobility and communication. The decorations in the different parts and rooms of the IBIS learning environment contain different (recognizable) cultural symbols to foster cultural awareness and sensitivity.