Accommodation Amsterdam/Diemen


Inholland University of Applied Sciences has an agreement with student housing corporation DUWO in order to provide furnished accommodation near the university building for international students. To secure a room, you should apply for accommodation through Inholland early. We only have a limited number of rooms available. We cannot guarantee housing, but we will do our utmost to help you.

Rental periods for Inholland students are fixed periods, with the maximum of one year. 

Our student accommodation in Amsterdam is only meant for international students who are admitted as a student at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, location Diemen or Amsterdam. If you are admitted at Inholland Haarlem, please go to Accommodation Haarlem.

International Students
- EXCHANGE students (= you study at Inholland via one of our partner universities)
- DEGREE SEEKERS (= you study at Inholland in order to obtain a bachelor degree). It is not possible to extend your rental contract after 2 semesters.

  Rental period Accommodation
Exchange student 1 or 2 semesters  Echtenstein building
Degree seeker 2 semesters Daalwijk building or Darlingstraat studio apartments

If you will arrive more than a week after the starting date of your rental contract, you need to notify both the international office of Inholland as housing corporation DUWO. Please note that if you fail to do so, the room will be allocated to another student and you will still be charged the first month's rent and administration costs.


  • It is not possible to get a reduction for late arrival or early departure. All rental dates are fixed.
  • It is not possible to end your contract before the end date, which is mentioned in the tenancy agreement.

It is not possible to get a reduction for late arrival or early departure. It is not possible to end your contract before the end of a semester.

Staying here longer than a year? 

Students who study 2 semesters or more at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, are offered a one year rental contract. After renting for one year, you will have to find your own accommodation. You cannot prolong your student room after this first year.

We recommend that you register with Studentenwoningweb and as soon as you arrive in the Netherlands. This is important, because rooms are scarce and there is a long waiting list! 

Do you have a question? Click here to read the F.A.Q.

For Dutch students

If you live more than 80 km. away from Diemen, you can sign up for a waiting list. If we have rooms available at the beginning of the semester (beginning of September or beginning of February), we will offer them to the students on this waiting list (first comes, first served). We also advise these students to check the website of DUWO, to see if there are any rooms available in the so-called 'Direct Offer'.


In case there are any special needs regarding your accommodation due to disabilities please send an e-mail with a medical statement to


Although the International Office of Inholland and housing corporation DUWO do their best to meet students’ reservation preferences, they cannot guarantee that everyone’s preferences are met. Also, as our number of reserved rooms are limited, we cannot give any guarantee that you will get a room. Of course, we will do our utmost to help you.

Finding your own accommodation

It is very difficult to find accommodation in Amsterdam/Diemen due to a shortage of student rooms. We therefore recommend booking a room through Inholland. If you want to look for accommodation on your own, we advise you to start looking at least 3 months before arrival!

The websites below can help you find accommodation in the area. Be aware that many student rooms in the Netherlands are unfurnished.

Kamernet Nestpick
The Student Hotel Campus Diemen Zuid
ASVA Student Union Rooms
Amsterdams Steunpunt Wonen  

In addition, you can join Facebook Groups to find a roommate or room. Please be aware of scams and never pay before you have seen the room. Never sign a contract without having read the contract completely. If it sounds too good to be true, it often is too good to be true.