Accommodation Rotterdam


Finding your own accommodation

Inholland Rotterdam offers accommodation for exchange students in the Cité building (approximately €650,-/ €700,- euros), situated next to the Inholland building. Information about the application procedure for accommodation will be available and send to you after you've been accepted to the exchange programme. (This will be in May or November, depending on the semester you choose)

Be aware that we have a limited number of rooms available. If you are interested, we recommend you to apply as soon as the information is available.

If you would like to live in Rotterdam and do not want to wait for the accommodation Inholland is offering, we want to advise students to start looking for accommodation at an early stage. The websites below may help you to find suitable accommodation that match your needs and budget.

Dutch students going on exchange can offer their rooms for rent on the Housing Anywhere website. Operating on a student-to-student basis, the webpage was developed to bring the supply and demand of student accommodations together more efficiently.

Alternative options in Rotterdam and surroundings:

International Student Housing Rotterdam The Student Hotel
SSH Student Housing Nestpick
Rotterdam Apartments Kamernet
Pararius Stadswonen
Clawq Housing Housing4Students
StayOkay Long Stay Room to Rent

Beside all these websites you can also check the following Facebook pages:
Student Housing Rotterdam
Commodity Market Rotterdam