Communicating the City


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Term 3 & 4

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Creative Business

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Communicating the City

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Amsterdam/Diemen term 3 & 4 (students from Rotterdam partners are also welcome)


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Communicating the City

Nowadays, cities in the world are busy promoting themselves in various ways. For every city, it is important that stakeholders (visitors, tourists, business people) have enough relevant knowledge about the city and, preferably, also a positive image leading towards favorable decisions and behavior.

The exchange program 'Communicating the City' of Inholland University of Applied Sciences focuses on this theme. You will learn about the ways cities are actively presenting and promoting themselves for a wide variety of target groups. The city of Amsterdam and surrounding cities are taken as examples. This implies that the program will include guest lectures and visits (town hall, cultural institutions, advertising agencies, Amsterdam Promotion, Utrecht Marketing.). This will serve as an inspiration for your project assignments, because, in a parallel way, you are challenged to develop a communication strategy for promoting a major city that will be assigned to you. So at the end of your semester you will be presenting your advice to the marketing department of a real city.

This semester we will be working together with the University of Duisburg-Essen. You will be working hands-on with fellow international and Dutch students and digitally with students from Germany. There will be a visit to Duisburg-Essen within the semester and the students from our partner University will visit Amsterdam.

The assignment will follow the systematic route of research/analysis - strategy development -creation - implementation. We call this: the Communication Cycle. The project will be supported by instructions, trainings, theory sessions, field trips and masterclasses.

The complete program is developed by and within the Communication Program of Inholland University and encompasses in total 30 credits (EC). The project will be 16 credits (EC) and the theory (5 EC), training (5 EC ) and personal reflection (4 EC) on the project will complement the 30 credits.

A truly hands-on experience in a highly international study environment!


Mr. Robin Löke, (

Learning outcomes

Learning students how come up with the implementation of a communication strategy for a city, based on reseach, analysis and development.

Mode of delivery, planned activities and teaching methods

Project, courses, training and masterclasses.

Prerequisites and co-requisites (if applicable)

Knowledge of communication, marketing and PR principles.

Recommended or required reading and/or other learning resources/tools

Wish You Were Here - The Branding of Stockholm and Destinations, Evan Stubbs, second edition,  2012, EAN: 9781456414238

Assessment methods and criteria

Written work and presentations.