Film Studies

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Spring (Term 3 & 4)

Inholland Faculty

Faculty of Creative Business

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Film Studies

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Den Haag/The Hague


first cycle

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Course content

“CINEMA is truth, 24 times-per-second”: Jean-Luc Godard, “CINEMA lies, 24 times-per-second”: Brian DePalma.

Film is magic, art, a craft & a business. Film is the origin of all moving imagery, and feature films remain a small, but very prestigious part of the audio-visual industry. Even in the face of recent digital delivery disruptions, the feature film industry remains popular and profitable.

The objective of Film Studies is to support and facilitate you to become a Creative Producer of film. In other words:

  • to be able to recognize quality, especially the quality and potential of a script, including how to assess and analyse screenplays;
  • to be able to analyse the components of films, from the original concept to the logline, synopsis, scene structure, film treatment and dialogue versions;
  • to be able to develop feasible and comprehensive film plans;
  • to be able to present film plans;
  • to be able to develop a distribution and marketing plan;
  • to be able to sell a film.

 You will learn all this primarily by ‘doing’. In the first term, each student is expected to write a short screenplay using classic story structure. And in the second term, a group of students will have to produce and create a short fiction film ending with an official premiere.

 Supporting modules include:

  • Film Art and History: To provide the student with insight into the historical context and cinematic resources as well as into current creative developments in the cinematic arts. Topics such as narrativity, editing and sound will be discussed.
  • Distribution and Marketing: As keys to profitability, and thereby the success of the Producer, students will be supported to develop and present a feasible distribution and marketing plan.
  • Academic Skills: Analytical Thinking and Writing.


Mr. Mark Weistra,

Learning outcomes

The formation of a production company and insight into the film branch. Produce a short film and develop a marketing communication plan for the self-produced film.

Mode of delivery, planned activities and teaching methods

face-to-face learning, group work and individually.

Prerequisites and co-requisites (if applicable)

Project management. You must be capable of working in a group and meeting weekly deadlines.

Writing skills. You must be capable of expressing yourself effectively in writing, and will be expected to meet high standards in terms of usage (spelling, grammar and style).

English. You must be proficient in reading English. Almost all of the literature used is in English.

Reading skills. You will be required to read a great deal of material.

Cultural awareness. You will be expected to be highly inquisitive about current social and cultural developments.

Recommended or required reading and/or other learning resources/tools

Liable to change in order to work with state-of the-art course material and supporting literature. Will be explained at the kick-off of the course.

Assessment methods and criteria

Film Production Dossier 10 EC

Film Art & Film History 5 EC

Scenario Pitch 5 EC

Distribution & Marketing Plan 5 EC

Academic Skills 5 EC