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Fall (Term 1 & 2)

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Faculty of Creative Business

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to be announced

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Den Haag/The Hague


first cycle

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“We are in a dogfight for human attention”: Amy O’ Leary, chief-editor, Upworthy.

YouTube, Vice, online news services, vloggers, virtual and augmented reality- the video industry has been on the move for a while. Hence, creating and distributing professional AV content is no longer restricted to broadcasters, production companies and media companies. Online video content is manufactured by large and small companies or by individuals. Many thousands of AV productions are being produced and distributed daily, from news to informative programs and from drama to entertainment. The battle for viewers is in full swing. The boundaries between journalism and advertorial are completely different for a platform like Vice in comparison to the 'classic' news. What was once 'not done' in journalism is shifting and is continually under discussion.

The video production market seems to have endless possibilities. Moreover, they will only increase in the coming years. Distribution does not seem to be a bottleneck anymore: there are hundreds, if not thousands, of channels. One thing remains the same: Making all those productions still offers many people employment as a producer, editor, program maker, director, in front of or behind the camera. More than ever employees in the AV sector are expected to be multi-deployable. The specialist is making way for the generalist.

To allow viewers to watch your program or production, you need to know what you want to do and why. Therefore, any well-designed plan requires a lot of research; you need a rigorous analysis of both the viewer's market and the possibilities to 'market' the production. That is why, research - of the target group, the viewers, the market, the commercial possibilities and the way different distribution and communication platforms are used - is part of this minor.

During this 20-week module, production teams will create a complex video production that can be launched on a linear or (non-linear) digital distribution channel. All aspects are discussed: from designing, the creative process of coming up with a total concept to designing and manufacturing program components. You will learn each step of a realistic assignment from the professional practice to the final presentation to the client, taken from the real life of a production company. The result is a professional and well-founded plan and a pilot broadcast realized in the studio.


Mr. Rob Heukels,

Learning outcomes

Develop a substantive, commercial and production plan on the basis of sound desk and field research for television series and or video programs. Substantively and technically designing a (semi) live multi-camera pilot broadcast including a number of (journalistic) program components.


Mode of delivery, planned activities and teaching methods

Face-to-face learning, work in teams as well as individually.

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Liable to change in order to work with state-of the-art course material and supporting literature. Will be explained at the kick-off of the course.

Assessment methods and criteria

Module components

Business plan 8 EC

Analysis and research file 4 EC

Video production 7 EC

Product launch 6 EC

Academic Skills 5 EC