Faculty: Health, Sports and Social Work

Programme: Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy

Location: Haarlem


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Erasmus Ultrasound




(Jan – March)

3rd /4th year bachelor course in medical imaging or radiotherapy or nuclear medicine

Erasmus Radiography Group

Course content

·         basic scanning skills

·         ultrasound examination upper abdomen

·         duplex carotid arteries

·         topographic anatomy

·         image recognition

·         sonographic appearance common pathology

·         ultrasound physics


Teaching methods

Problem based learning (PBL) which requires participation in:

·         group meetings with problem tasks

·         lectures

·         role-play exercises and demonstrations

·         individual study

·         project and report writing in English

·         oral presentations of the report in English


Skills lab training

·         practical training on ultrasound equipment in the skills lab

Clinical outplacement (1 week max.)

·         attending to ultrasound examinations

·         performing basic examinations in radiology


Level of course

Bachelor year 3 - 4

Assessment methods

·         attending to mandatory classes

·         all assignments are handed in

·         presentations

·         clinical placement

·         practical and theoretical (anatomy, fysics, pathology) exams

·         portfolio assessment


All items will be assessed and have to be passed


Contact person

Geert Plug, geert.plug@inholland.nl

0031- (0)615279617



3rd /4th year bachelor course in medical imaging or radiotherapy

Objective of the course

·         have understanding of the normal anatomy and physiology of the organs and vascular system in the upper abdomen

·         develop scanning skills in order to evaluate organs and vascular system in the upper abdomen by ultrasound and produce images of these

·         be able to perform a basic ultrasound-examination in a given case

·         recognize abnormal appearance of the organs and vascular system in the upper abdomen

·         have understanding of pathologic processes and their ultrasound appearances

·         apply knowledge of ultrasound physics in practical examination

·         further develop communicative en co-operative skills

·         has insight into the role of the ultrasound-technician in relation to general medical imaging


Special remarks

Course is only available for radiology students and radiation therapy students from institutes which are member of the Erasmus Radiography Group (ERG). Application only through ERG-coordinator of home-institute.


Recommended reading

Books / reader available at host institution.