How to enrol


Once you have chosen a study programme, looked at our requirements, and made the decision that Inholland is the best place for you, then what? We know the process of enrolling in a new programme, moving to a new country and speaking a new language can be overwhelming and challenging.

To help and support our incoming students, we have made the enrolment process easier and more clear with two checklists. We have made one list of the steps that you need to take and one list of how we can help you on your path to becoming an Inholland student.

What steps do you need to take:

1. Visit an Open Day or Trial Study Day
2. Ask a student about their experience and for advice
3. Get started with your application 
4. Apply online via Studielink
5. If English isn't your first languagepass your English test
6. Check whether you need to take the 21+ test
7. If necessary, apply for a visa
8. Once you're accepted, pay tuition fees
9. Arrange accommodation
10. Make arrangements for travel and health insurance

How do we help you:

  • Validate your documents 
  • Apply for your student visa and residence permit
  • Help you arrange health insurance 
  • Approve your application and make your student card 

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