Enrolling when you live abroad


Getting started

For all prospective international students, Inholland University of Applied Sciences uses an online application process called Studielink. To get started, go to the Studielink website and select 'Request login details and log in'. When you have received an e-mail with your password, you can log in and start filling in your application in Studielink.

How to use Studielink

For your application to be processed and to be successful, it is important that you enter all the required information in the online application in Studielink. The Central Student Administration does not process incomplete applications.

For help with your application, please download the guide:

How to use studielink

Confirmation and completing enrolment

Your application will be received by the DUO, an external body that oversees various procedures on behalf of the Ministry of Education. DUO will send your application and information to Inholland.

Upon receiving your application, Inholland's Central Student Administration will send you a confirmation letter and provide information about completing your enrolment. This includes arranging issues such as the payment of tuition fees and sending us additional official documents.

Student grants and public transport student cards

Studielink also has a link to the DUO concerning student grants and loans, and arranging a student card for public transport. Check the application process and deadlines for each student grant.


If you have any questions or you need assistance, please contact the Inholland International Recruitment & Admissions office.

E-mail: International@Inholland.nl
Tel : 0031 (0)23 522 3275