Health Insurance


Health Insurance

During your stay in the Netherlands it is compulsory to have good health insurance, and we also strongly advise you to have good third party insurance. Since 1 January 2006, the health insurance system in the Netherlands has changed.

A basic health insurance ("basisverzekering") has been introduced. Dutch residents are obliged to take out basic health insurance, which has a general premium of about € 1100 a year for the basic-package.

Students from EU countries

As a European citizen you're most likely to have an EHIC. This card gives you access to another country's health system. Please note that it doesn't necessarily mean that all your costs will be covered. Please check this carefully with your own health insurer! If you do have such EHIC, StudentsInsured offers a supplementary insurance package (IPS Secondary) so you know for sure that you're always fully covered!

What insurance should I take?
Most important coverages you need when you go abroad are medical costs, liability (for when you damage someone his property) and repatriation (when you need to come home after an accident for example). If you like you can also get an insurance for your luggage.

Do I have to arrange all of this myself?
You could search for a company that provide these insurances. However we found a partner that provides a complete student package that includes all of these coverages and more for a very reasonable premium. You can calculate your premium and apply online for the insurance at

Students from non-EU countries

Non-EU students who do not need the "basisverzekering", yet will need to take out the ICS or IPS insurance. When Inholland applies for your student visa, the Student Administration- International department will take out the "Insurance Passport for Students" on your behalf. You will receive a copy of the insurance certificate by e-mail which in necessary for obtaining your visa from the embassy.

If you have questions about insurances you can contact our partner Studentsinsured. You can reach them at:

T: +3170 302 85 98
Whatsapp: +316 83 36 22 23

They also have a very useful live webchat on their website.

Part-time job

All international students that have a part-time job in the Netherlands are obliged to take out the "basisverzekering". Therefore, if you have a part-time job, you will have to pay extra for insurance.