Tuition fees 2017 - 2018


Which tuition fees will I need to pay?

Inholland has two types of student tuition fees: statutory tuition fees or institutional tuition fees. To be eligible for the lower statutory tuition fees you must meet two conditions. If you are unable to meet these conditions, you will pay the higher institutional tuition fees.

Statutory tuition fees

The following conditions determine eligibility for the payment of statutory tuition fees:

  • A national of the Netherlands, Surinam or Switzerland or of one of the EEA member states, or falling under one of the groups of individuals stated in Section 2.2(1) of the Student Finance Act 2000 (Wet studiefinanciering 2000), and,
  • Students may not already have attained a Bachelor or Master's degree after 1 September 1991, for a programme included in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes (Centraal Register Opleidingen Hoger Onderwijs (CROHO)). An exception to this condition will apply:
    • for individuals that do already have a degree, but who are now registering for an education or healthcare programme for the first time. These individuals will be eligible for the payment of statutory tuition fees.
    • for individuals following a second programme which started before obtaining the first degree and has not been interrupted.

Please note: (1) Despite the absence of a teaching qualification, a degree certificate for an open programme compiled by the student that has been awarded by the examinations board for a teacher training programme does not fall under the exception; (2) If the degree certificate attained previously is equivalent to a Master's degree and if the programme is a pre-BaMA, funded programme, you will be deemed to have attained a Bachelor degree too.

The statutory tuition fees for academic year 2017-2018 (starting on 1 September 2017) will be:

  • Bachelor/Associate Degree Full-time/cooperative-education € 2,006;
  • Bachelor/Associate Degree Part-time € 1,677;
  • Master cooperative-education/part-time € 2,006.

Institutional tuition fees*

If you do not meet the conditions applicable for statutory tuition fees, you will pay institutional tuition fees. Please note: contrary to the situation for statutory tuition fees, you will not, in principle, be eligible for a refund if you deregister.

The institutional tuition fees for academic year 2017-2018 (starting on 1 September 2017) will be:

  • Bachelor/Associate Degree Full-time/cooperative education € 7,776*;
  • Bachelor/ Associate Degree Part-time € 7,484*;
  • Master cooperative-education € 7,776*.

*The tuition fees are reviewed annually and are therefore subject to change.

How can I pay the tuition fees?

If you have a foreign bank account you will need to transfer the tuition fee in one term to the Inholland bank account.

Account details
Account number:
IBAN number: NL87Rabo0160930510

Bank details
Name: Rabobank
Address: Blaak 333
Postal code: 3011 GB
City: Rotterdam
Country: The Netherlands

Please Note: When transferring the amount to Inholland, you must specify on the transfer your first name, surname and student number.
The bank always charges transfer costs. Please pay these costs separately.
If you have a Dutch bank account you can give authorization for payment of the tuition fees through Studielink. Please see your ToDo page in Studielink.

Handling fee

Students that pay their tuition fees in instalments will be subject to a one-off handling fee of € 24.

Interim changes

If you find that you are only able to meet the conditions applicable for the payment of statutory tuition fees later in the year, you will be required to pay institutional tuition fees until this time. Conversely, where you find that you no longer comply with the conditions later in the academic year, (high) institutional tuition fees will apply as of this time.

Your tuition fees will be adjusted if the information we have is incomplete and, for example, during the course of the academic year it appears that you already have a degree certificate.

Second programme

Are you enrolling for a second degree programme before having completed a prior programme that is subject to the statutory tuition fees? In that case, you will owe the full statutory tuition fees for your second enrolment, minus the tuition fees that you have already paid for your first enrolment. If you are already paying the full statutory tuition fees for your first enrolment, this means you owe nothing more.

If you are paying the statutory tuition fees for your first enrolment subject to the exemption for degree programmes in education and healthcare, you will have to pay the full (high) institutional tuition fees for your second enrolment.

If you are registered for a programme at Inholland and are paying institutional tuition fees and you want to do a second programme for which institutional tuition fees will be due from you, you will pay € 3,888 for the second programme.

Deregistration and refunds

The difference between statutory tuition fees and institutional tuition fees will be relevant not only for enrolment but also for deregistration before the end of the academic year. If you are paying institutional tuition fees, you will only be entitled to a refund in the event of interim deregistration due to a binding study recommendation after the first year of enrolment, in the event of deregistration following graduation and in the event of serious circumstances, except where deregistration is to apply with effect from the months of July or August.


Should you have any queries, please contact the Central Student Administration on +31 23 522 3275 or

Determining tuition fees

The government determines the level of the full-time statutory tuition fees on an annual basis, while the level of the institutional tuition fees and statutory tuition fees applicable for dual and part-time programmes are determined by the Executive Board on an annual basis (the Tuition Fees Decree). The information above has been derived from these decisions. The most important conditions applicable in relation to eligibility for certain fees are stated too and have been derived from the rules laid down in the Students' Charter in place at Inholland University of Applied Sciences.