Student Counselling


Each Inholland campus provides a system of personal, professional and educational support. Our coaches, lectures and counsellors help with your studies as well as practical and personal issues, such as obstacles to learning, homesickness and bereavement.

The Inholland staff is able to support students with impediments such as a chronic or psychological illness, dyslexia or a physical handicap. This support can be in the form of suitable study arrangements, special facilities or extra individual supervision. Take a look at the kind of coaching and counselling support Inholland provides.

In-class and project group support

During the study period, the expert and lecturer sets the project assignment and helps students become more familiar with the relevant knowledge and theory. The students' project coach closely monitors the progress of the students' project work group by guiding and supervising students in a study project.   

Career and study development

During your education, you will receive coaching advice for both career development and study development. Before every educational period, students meet with their student career coach to discuss individual goals. After each period, students meet with the coach again to determine if goals have been met and to establish new goals for the next period. 

Personal and professional support

Full-time, part-time and international students can turn to the student counsellors' office if their studies are adversely affected by personal problems such as a difficult situation at home or serious illness. The student counsellor can also answer questions concerning the study programme, student progress, student aid, further education, laws and regulations.