Why study in Delft?

Students often choose to study in Delft because it is outside the major cities and the well-worn, typical tourist paths. Delft has an ambiance of large Dutch village, a smaller student population, and an international, English-speaking study environment.

Studying in Delft provides you with a close community and network of students, lecturers and specialised professionals. Although the main local language is Dutch, speaking English in the city and the surroundings is rarely a problem. Delft is a gorgeous, student-friendly place to find inspiration and focus for your education.

Study programmes offered

At Inholland Delft, you will be part of an innovative educational environment with 1500 other students. The special combination of programmes in Delft are unique to the Netherlands and play to the countries strengths in agriculture, technology and quality education.

Study programmes are focused in the field of agriculture or come under the umbrella of Engineering, Design or IT. Within each of these fields, Inholland Delft offers the English-taught bachelor programme:
Aeronautical Engineering