Student Jobs


Students need jobs to support their studies and build their new careers. Located at most Inholland locations, ASA Student Employment Agency (ASA) is always searching for new talent. ASA specialises in helping students and young professionals find study-focused jobs.

ASA is a mediator between students and businesses offering part-time, temporary or full-time jobs. ASA also helps match students with internships, traineeships, and starter jobs for nearly graduating students.

Job preparation

Working with and for students for more than 40 years, ASA gives professional advice about developing and accelerating young careers, applying for jobs and preparing for job interviews. ASA works with international students who speak a variety of languages. Vacancies for international candidates are often with interesting global companies working in customer service, marketing or the financial industry. 

Work permit and health insurance

In cases involving non-EU citizens, students will need to apply for a work permit. Internship and training type jobs have varying rules concerning work permits. Students will need to investigate the options for work permits since the process is long and difficult. In all cases students, will need to arrange their own health insurance while on the job.

For more detailed information about work permits and health insurance while studying, please visit;

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