Student Life


Student Life in Delft

Currently, Inholland Delft is sharing the building and facilities Delft University of Technology. This arrangement provides more opportunities to interact with students who would not normally be in the same kind of study programme.

Students are mixing together and sharing the school's facilities, but also the city's theaters, cinemas, and many bars, pubs, restaurants and night clubs. The schools, student associations and the city of Delft all organise many events all year round which bring students together in the Delft community.

More information about going out in and around Delft:


Student Associations

An ideal way to settle into the Delft way of life is to join a student association. Becoming a member of a student association can help you make the most of your student days in Delft and help you quickly develop a network of students and professionals who are similar to you.

A number of Inholland Delft's higher education degree programmes have their own student association. For more information about student associations in Delft please visit:

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