About The Hague


The Hague proudly carries the the title 'international city of peace a justice'. With the presence of the king, government, international courts and embassies, The Hague has great international prestige. Ambitious and committed professionals are trained here or work at one of the multinationals in the city. This gives you the advantage to easily get in touch with people from all over the world!

Quaint and historical center

The city not only the seat of the government, but is also a very lively and vibrant place. The historic center is characterized by narrow streets, charming squares and monuments. With plenty of nightlife, cultural and shopping opportunities, you will never get bored in the city. There are theatres, cinemas, music venues, restaurant and cafes for any kind of taste and budget.

Seaside town

The Hague is the only major Dutch city near the beach. A stone's throw from the historic center, there is a is a 11 kilometer stretch of beautiful soft sand and dunes. Take the tram and fifteen minutes later you can inhale the fresh salty air!

Setting of Inholland The Hague

Inholland The Hague is located at Theresiastraat 8, a bustling shopping street which is only a 7 minutes' walk from The Hague Central Station. Besides the many shops in this street, you will find several bars, cafes and restaurants. 

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