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You want to understand and develop the technology of aircraft, space craft, drones, race cars, windturbines or any other complicated technical structure challenging gravity or aerodynamics. You like science and its application to solve real-world problems and you are enticed by the thought of working in the exciting field of aeronautics. You are proactive and ambitious, you dare to dream and have the guts to realize these dreams. You are creative and have a critical mind set. You are a curious person with a technical mind.

If you meet all these qualities, then there is an aeronautical engineer hidden in you.

April, 25th | On campus

April, 25th

On campus, 12.30 - 16.30

What can you expect?
This online taster session is set-up for you and is a preview of what the Aeronautical Engineering study programme entails. After this online taster session you will have a better understanding of our education methodologies. The lectures provide fundamental insights into the theory needed to carry out (practical) assignments and projects. During the study programme the combination of theory and practice will provide you the necessary skills to become successful in the Aeronautical Engineering Industry.


Time Activity
12.30 Walk-in and registration at Inholland Delft University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdamseweg 141
13.00 Kick-off
13.10 Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering and its curriculum
13.45 Lecture 1: Aerodynamic performance of a symmetrical airfoil
14.15 Coffee break
14.45 Practical group assignment ‘2-A4 Wing’
16.15 Evaluation ‘2-A4 Wing’
16.30 End of Taster Session

*) Subject to modifications

This taster session of the Aeronautical Engineering programme is organized together with the Dutch study programme Luchtvaarttechnologie. During the practical group assignment all participants will be divided into mixed teams of international and Dutch students.

You are going to perform a bending test to assess the mechanical performance of your wing design. To build the wing and to setup your desk for testing you need to have the everyday items that are listed below.

What Amount Comment
A4 print papers >2 It must be foldable
Glue stick (or alternative) 1 Preferably a glue stick
Ruler 1 -
Pencil or pen 1 Preferably a pencil
Equal thickness books 2 -
Weights of different sizes >3 Preferably a bottle with a screw cap


Procedure after your registration
A few days before the date of the taster After registration you will receive an conformation through email. Please update your schedule with the time and date of this session. Also inform your student counselor or mentor about your registration. A few days before the date of the taster session you will also receive an reminder through email with the address, date, time, room and schedule of this taster session. The taster session is supervised by lecturers and students Aeronautical Engineering. During this day there are teachers and students present to whom you can ask all your questions.

We hope that your overall experience during this taster session will result in your enrollment to our Aeronautical Engineering programme. Head to this webpage for more information about entry requirements.


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