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Taster Session Information Technology

May 27th, 18.50 - 20.00 hours

Do you have a passion for internet, gaming or social media? Do you believe that the purpose of IT is to make people's lives easier? Are you interested in programming and security? Do you like to develop apps? If your answer to one or more of these questions is 'yes', it is likely that Information Technology is perfect for you!

What can you expect?
We offer a broad IT-programme in which varied areas like software development, interaction design and Network Technology come together. The education is closely related to practise. As a graduate you will have excellent career prospects and the range of potential employers will be huge across the private, public and non-profit sectors.

Our teachers gladly explain you more about the programme and are available to answer your questions.

Online Taster Session takes place between 18.50 - 20.00:

  • 18.50 - 19.20: Programming is one of the core skills of a modern IT-specialist. This is the biggest part of our programme. In this presentation you will view an introduction to programming to experience how a software programme works.
  • 19.30 - 20.00: During this class about human computer interaction we discuss how users interact with IT-products. How and why does someone use a website, app or other digital product? What makes a good design, and what makes a user like applications?

This session is organized in a Teams meeting. After registration you will receive an e-mail with an invitation. In this mail you can find a link to enter the taster sessions.


Register for this Online Taster Session and experience if the programme of Information Technology suits you.


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