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Taster Session Tourism Management

At Tourism Management we train you to become a Tourism Manager.

Up to the first of June 2020 we would like to invite you to attend one day of (part-time) online lectures at the Tourism Management course. Together with first-year or second-year students, you follow a number of online lessons and you can ask questions. The date and the program will be agreed with you.

What can you expect?

The student will show you the way within the study program and tell you about the different subjects and projects. This gives you a realistic picture of what the Tourism Management course looks like. In consultation we look for a suitable day where you can follow as varied a number of online lessons or parts of lessons as possible.

Do you have questions?

Do you want more information about trial study by appointment? Please contact (TME)

Hopefully the trial study day confirms that you have made the right study choice and that the Tourism Management course suits you perfectly! However, maybe you are still in doubt or have some additional questions. For extra help with your study choice you can always contact our International Recruitment Office. They are more than willing to help you with your choice.


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