Cost of living


When travelling to the Netherlands, we advise you to bring cash with you to cover the costs of the first few days and to bring the rest of your money in the form of a credit card or international bank or debit card. This is much safer than carrying cash with you.

Upon arrival, please contact the International Office at your location if you need any help finding a suitable bank to open a Dutch bank account.

Living expenses in the Netherlands

While living in the Netherlands, you might like to know how much money you will need to budget per month. Of course, this depends largely on the lifestyle you accustomed to at home. Students can be creative in finding ways to spend less and save more money. Here is an approximate estimate of living expenses:

  • Renting a furnished room + utilities: approx. € 465 to € 570 per month
  • Food from the grocery store: approx. € 180 per month 
  • A meal in a reasonably priced restaurant: approx. € 10 - €15 
  • Movie ticket: approx. € 5 - € 12 
  • Books and study materials: approx. € 340 per semester

This list does not include insurance costs, travelling costs on public transportation and other additional expenses.