Anthony Murphy



What was your motivation/reason to come to the Netherlands?

Personal/family Reasons

What are the advantages about studying/living in The Netherlands/at Inholland?

Advantages are the cost factor (its cheaper); The class sizes are smaller; The infrastructure/IT facilities are more efficient; Multicultural student population; Everyone speaks English; The social life has lots to offer; Easy to travel to and from the UK to The Netherlands; Ease of traveling to the rest of Europe.

Why should UK students join Inholland and your course specifically?

IBMS at INHolland offers a truly international grounding for the Global Labor Market. UK students will not only benefit from this practical approach to international business but they will also give a valuable contribution as UK nationals in terms of language skills and experience.

What is the main difference from studying here or at your home country?

Main difference are the class sizes, working in project groups and the 'practical' (applied) approach to education.

Your background in education and work experience

I am a lecturer/academic as well as a former banker at a large US investment bank