Programmes at Inholland University of Applied Sciences Inholland University offer  a broad range of internationally orientated bachelor programmes. These bachelor programmes range from Media and Entertainment Management to Information Technology. Not only do they prepare you for a wide range of opportunities in a dynamic and highly competitive professional world, they also equip you to thrive in a multi-cultural environment.

Key elements of education
You will gain experience and knowledge through lecturers, projects, self-study, trips, and other activities. You will also work in small, multi-cultural teams, solving real-life, work-related problems. It's a great learning experience, both personally and professionally!

Your course will be structured into Major and Minor study components, allowing a perfect match with your career plan. The Major study component (50%) focuses on the knowledge and abilities that you need to become a manager in the field of your choice. The Minor study component (25%) allows you to specialize in a subject area of your preference. The remaining quarter of the curriculum grants you the option to add other subjects available from a range of choices. For example: a Leisure Manager with a differentiation in the field of Media & Entertainment Management, or a International Business Manager with a differentiation in Information Technology.

During your time at Inholland University you can apply to study at one of our 300 partner institutions in Europe and throughout the rest of the world for an exchange or double degree programme. At Inholland University we have extensive experience with scholarship programmes, which we will be delighted to share with you.

Inholland Honours Programme
For students who have amibition,creativity, social competences and are eager to learn, Inholland University offers now an extra challenge - Inholland honours. This programme is especially created for those students who want more than the regular course has to offer. It will give students the environment to develop and to challenge themselves to the maximum of their capacity.

Degrees awarded by Inholland University comply with national regulations and are formally recognized by the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science.

Many of our graduates proceed on gradaduation on to Master degrees all over the world.