Darlene Gosch


What was your motivation/reason to come to the Netherlands?

My husband, who is German, and I choose to come to The Netherlands because of its large international community and good job opportunities. That was 21 years ago and still, even in this time of economic crisis, the Netherlands boasts of a low unemployment rate (5.2% in November 2010).

What are the advantages about studying/living in The Netherlands/at Inholland?

Coming from the US, I find tuition definitely value for money. Better said, The Netherlands offers high quality education at a reasonable price. In addition, the level of English is high in all layers of society. From the doctor to the butcher to government offices, the Dutch love speaking English. However, they are especially pleased if you learn a few lines of Dutch and will compliment you for braving the language!! 

Why should UK students join INHolland and your course specifically?

It is a fact that Marketing offers some of the best paid positions in business. Aside from the pay, Marketing is creative, has depth and the combination of Marketing and Management is just what today's business environment demands. All business sectors need marketers: corporate, government and non-governmental. As an INHolland graduate of Marketing Management you will gain one full year of professional working experience (6 months internship in year 3 and another internship in year 4) during your studies, making you an especially attractive graduate and starting professional.

What is the main difference from studying here or at your home country?

The main difference is project-driven education and competence driven education. At INHolland you can expect to do project work in a team, based on a situation or problem that occurs in the business world, thereby working on your professional competence development and coloration skills in order to solve this problem. Later in your studies you will apply your theoretical knowledge and project experience to business, in years 3 and 4 in the form of an internship.

Your background in education and work experience

I grew up in the United States and went to college in Tulsa Oklahoma, obtaining a science degree. After working a few years in laboratory science I studied education in Germany. After my studies we moved to Belgium and lived there for three years. In 1990 we moved to Holland. At Hogeschool West Nederland I did translation studies (EN- NL/NL-EN) at bachelor's level. I have been lecturing at INHolland university for the past 9 years. I am excited to say that I have the opportunity to lecture in the INHolland junior honors program this coming fall.