Donald Ropes


What was your motivation/reason to come to the Netherlands?

My wife is Dutch and wanted to be close to her family. I was in Holland long ago traveling around and loved it, so agreed to move here. And am glad I did!

What are the advantages about studying/living in The Netherlands/at Inholland?

Holland is really central to the rest of Europe. Many great cities are close by; Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, and of course Amsterdam. This is a great advantage if you like to travel. Living in Holland is also easy - transport is good and cheap, recreation is close and affordable.

Why should UK students join Inholland and your course specifically?

Students who like to learn by doing should enroll at Inholland. It is a practice-based school where you learn how to apply theory, not just write about it. The International Communication Management course is special because there are all different nationalities studying together. This makes for a great atmosphere.

Your background in education and work experience

I have a rather diverse background: Studies in Economics, International Affairs, Literature Science and my PhD is in knowledge management. In the USA I was an entrepreneur. When I moved to in Holland I first had my own business, but after several years started teaching at Inholland. I am now a senior lecturer in international communication management as well as associate professor at the Centre for Research in Intellectual Capital.

A quote

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Albert Einstein