Sona Gasanova



What was your motivation/reason to come to the Netherlands?

 The main reason of choosing the Netherlands to do my year abroad course was to be closer to my "Dutch" partner. Additionally, I have visited the Netherlands on many occasions and each time I wanted to go back and explore my knowledge about Dutch culture and hospitality.  Therefore studying at InHolland was a great opportunity for me to combine my private life with my education opportunities.

What are the advantages about studying/living in The Netherlands/at Inholland?

The main advantage of studying at InHolland is that the ability to have access to the diversity of cultural backgrounds, in the sense that you meet up  students from all around the world. You explore your life experiences. personal advantage for me is the location of the Netherlands which is so close to London, a less than an hour and I can visit my parents back in UK and other way around.

Why should UK students join Inholland and your course specifically?

The students from UK can gain enormous life experience by studying at InHolland, to experience the different educational system. Additionally the students could enjoy night life and freedom especially in drugs use (not that it is my cup of tea ;)) if they happen to study in the Netherlands.

What is the main difference from studying here or at your home country?

The main difference is the exam system of NL and the UK. There is less stress regards exam as the year is divided into 4 terms and at the end of each you will have the exams, however in UK you will have 2 self-study weeks for revising for 8 exams of which 4 subjects are from the 1st semester. Therefore there is more stress regards the exam which has a very negative effect to the end grades. I really prefer NL exam system as it gives you time to prepare well for your exams and gain the better grades.

Your background in education and work experience

I have been studying business for almost 4 years. I have completed BTEC 1st Diploma in Business and Access to Business at Swansea College, and in 2012 will graduate from Westminster Business School with the BA Honours in International Business. Additionally I have worked for almost  four years at Marks and Spencer Plc.