Steven Balliano



What was your motivation/reason to come to the Netherlands?

 I first came to the Netherlands as an exchange student for one semester. This experience motivated me to transfer and continue my studies here. The reason I chose the Netherlands over other countries was the affinity with the local mentality, both tolerant and open minded  with a stress free approach to life, including work and study. All of this, along with one of Europe's most active night life scenes, made it a fairly easy decision.

What are the advantages about studying/living in The Netherlands/at Inholland?

The Netherlands offer a vast amount of opportunities for its students, both Dutch and foreign, from scholarships  and part-time jobs, to cultural and social activities. Inholland completes the offer with a hands on approach in teaching, which happens in an extremely multi-cultural environment. Living in Amsterdam you feel like you are part of a big cosmopolitan scene, with the advantage of having everything a bike ride away.

Why should UK students join Inholland and your course specifically?

Virtually everybody in the Netherlands speaks some English, making it possible to live in the country without having to know Dutch. Anybody passionate about business and with entrepreneurial ambitions should consider the IBMS program, as it provides you with a set of theoretical concepts that will be tested in real life scenarios like an internship. The high focus on industry needs enables the programs to be constantly up to date and makes sure you graduate with all the necessary skills to succeed.

What is the main difference from studying here or at your home country?

Back in Italy we have about 6-7 semester long courses per year. At Inholland  there are many smaller courses and more exams sessions which makes the study process more linear, with no gaps and way less stressful. The programs are always up to date with current events, which makes them more interesting and easy to follow. Through a wide range of majors,minors and exchange programs, you really get to tailor your program according to your needs, which helps to stand out  in the crowd.

Your background in education and work experience

I studied International Trade Economics in Torino, Italy for one year, then moved to Inholland. After one year I moved to Nice for a double degree. After one year in France I moved to China for my internship and have now returned to Amsterdam where I am writing on my thesis, working part-time for the university and expanding my newly formed company DamRight.