Erasmus Student Network (ESN)


The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit organisation with sections throughout Europe that organises social, cultural and sport activities for international students. As an exchange student at Inholland Diemen, Haarlem or Rotterdam/The Hague, you can join the activities of ESN.

ESN organises all kinds of activities, such as:
- pick-up service from the airport on one or two fixed days
- international (theme) parties, dinners and BBQs
- football matches between international teams
- visit Keukenhof (the most famous flower garden in the Netherlands)
- visit other cities and sights
- museum night
- beach party
- laser gaming, ice-skating, bowling

To find out more about your ESN section and its activities, please check the contact details below, or contact your international office to get the details of the current Facebook group:



ESN Diemen E-mail:
ESN Haarlem E-mail:  
ESN Rotterdam E-mail:

For more information about ESN international, check the website