Living in the Netherlands


If you are planning to study at Inholland University of Applied Sciences from abroad, you may need some basic information about living and studying in the Netherlands, and trying to understand Dutch people, the culture and your new home country.

About the country

The Netherlands is a small country with a big economy and tall people. The Netherlands borders Germany, Belgium and the North Sea. The flat landscapes make for beautiful and easy travel by bike, on foot or in a canal boat.

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Holidays and Traditions

A multi-ethnic population means the Dutch often celebrate traditional holidays, festivals and special events from many different cultures. Find out what holidays, traditions and festivals are celebrated in the Netherlands.

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Typically Dutch

The Dutch have a live-and-let-live attitude. Find out what is typically Dutch, what to expect when you arrive in the Netherlands, and why they are all wearing orange.

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Living in the Netherlands without a car is easy, possible and even recommended. The efficient public transportation network and bicycle paths extend to every remote corner of the country.

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