Welcome to Inholland programme


The Inholland University of Applied Sciences Pick-up Service

Students can be picked up from the airport or the train station and brought to the housing facilities. On the next day the students will be escorted to Inholland University of Applied Sciences to sign their housing contract, to fill in the enrolment, and to receive information about the University’s facilities and schedules. This service is extremely helpful to the students who find themselves in a completely new situation. They will receive a tour of the housing facilities and the university facilities and they receive assistance with getting their paper work - such as the visa application, registration at the City Council and opening a bank account.


The International Offices organise two educational excursions throughout the academic year. In previous years the students have been on a boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam. Or on an excursion to museums that show the old ways and lifestyles of the Dutch people, for instance at the Zaanse Schans or in the Zuiderzee museum. In the past, students have also gone (speed) ice skating on natural ice or skating rinks.

Integration activities

During the year the International Office organises several integration activities to provide the exchange and MVV students chances to get to know each other and Dutch students. At the start of the academic year a potluck dinner will be organised, students will be introduced to Dutch food and eating habits and they can bring food from their culture to teach something about their own culture to fellow students. A lecture will be given about the culture shock students may experience. There will also be a workshop about intercultural communication, especially about the differences between the West and the East of the world.

Social activities

Student mentors and students from the Erasmus Student Network, if present on the specific location, support the international students during theirs studies. Furthermore they organise extracurricular activities, social cultural projects and theme parties.