Activate Multi Factor Authentication for your Microsoft 365 applications


On May 30th Multi Factor Authentication, MFA, will be turned on for all Microsoft 365 applications (Word, Excel, Webmail, etc.). This additional verification step via an app enhances your security when accessing the Microsoft 365 applications. 

Without active MFA you can no longer access or use the applications. 
So make sure that you arrange MFA activation before May 30th. How do you do that? Follow the instructions detailed here. If you have any questions, please contact or visit the  Service Desk

 MFA is activated 
You can use Microsoft 365 applications as usual. Every now and then you will be asked to identify yourself again with the MFA app. 

 MFA is not activated 
You can no longer use Microsoft 365 applications. You do not have access and will be asked to activate MFA. Activation is essential to gain access. 

 More information can be found via the Inholland Knowledge base on Iris.