Application portal (now really) live!

With a good digital learning and working environment, it is important that you as a student or teacher can quickly access all your necessary applications and desired information. That is why we have launched the new Application Portal of Inholland University of Applied Sciences . Wherever and whenever you want, you can always start your favorite applications, simply via the 'Application Portal' tile under 'My apps' on Iris. 

We have taught ourselves studying and working from any place. Working, meeting and teaching online is the most normal thing in the world. It is important that all necessary applications and the desired information are available quickly and easily. We therefore say goodbye to the situation in which you find your applications scattered in different places, such as via the 'pink bag' (the Application Catalog) and the Weblogin/Citrix environment.


In the new Application Portal you can use a large number of applications, as long as you have a good internet connection. In the portal we offer the applications that students currently use via weblogin.inholland.nl (Citrix) via the new portal. We are also moving a large part of the educational applications from the Application Catalog to the Application Portal. You can think of SPSS, BIZZdesign, ChemOffice and SketchUp. Please note: once an application has been transferred, it is no longer available in the old way. The generic and business applications, such as Quintiq, ProActis and MovieMaker will follow from mid-March. 

Going live in phases 
Because we transfer the applications in phases, it may be that you temporarily work via both the Application Portal and the old services. This can be confusing, but we had to choose this method because of the large amount of applications. We aim for the 'move' to be completed by the end of April 2022 and that a large part of our applications can be found in the Application Portal then. 

Want to know more or need help? 
Via Iris we keep you informed of the developments and actions that you (may) have to carry out yourself in order to be able to use the Application Portal. So keep an eye on Iris! Of course, we also help you on your way with instructions, so that you are quickly accustomed to the new working method. 

Any questions? Send an email to Renée van Acker-van der Meulen. She is associated with the implementation of the Application Portal as project leader.

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