Building a rocket with a 3D printer

Foto's: Ultimaker

Students from the aviation programmes at Inholland Delft use 3D printers to design and build their own lightweight rockets. After successfully launching two rockets, each with 3D printed parts and composites, students Aeronautical Engineering and Luchvaarttechnologie are now building a 2,5-meter-long rocket that is entirely 3D printed.

Ultimaker, world-renowned producer of high-quality 3D printers, created a video about the use of its printing equipment at the Innovation Studio in Delft. Aviation technology teacher Martin Kampinga, who features in the video, is very proud of the equipment and believes that every university should offer 3D printing in its curriculum. "Students that are graduating 4 years from now will see that technologies have changed in the course of their studies. Educational institutions should provide students with the latest knowledge and developments and show them that alternative production methods like 3D printing exist." says Kampinga.

Do you feel inspired to build your own rocket? You can now download a manual for a 3D printed model on the website of Ultimaker. The Innovation Studio developed this model together with the company in order to enthuse (high school) students for this new production and design technology.

See all photos and read the full article on the website of Ultimaker.

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