Corona measures November 12 - Stricter measures: What does it mean for your education


During the press conference on Friday 12 November, the cabinet announced stricter measures to curb the growth of Corona virus infections. These measures are in place from Saturday, November 13th until Saturday 4 December. This has little impact on your education. However, a limit of a maximum of 75 people per room will apply for your classes, with the exception of exams. We also ask you to pay attention to the applicable safety measures.

The most important thing is that all classes on location can continue with the stated maximum capacity. If you want to organize a meeting/event yourself, coordinate this with your study programme to see what the options are.

Face masks are mandatory
Are you coming to the University? Then bring a face mask. When you walk in our buildings, it is mandatory to wear a face mask. Face masks are also mandatory for contact professions; for our courses that train for this, this also applies to practical education. Are you doing an internship? Then we ask you to follow the guidelines of your employer and, where necessary, to coordinate with your internship supervisor.

We ask everyone who comes to the University building to take a self-test twice a week. If the self-test results are positive, stay at home and make an appointment for a PCR test at the GGD. It is also wise to do a self-test if you have been vaccinated. New self-tests are available at our buildings at the reception or exit.

Stay home with complaints
Only use the self-test if you have no symptoms. Do you have any symptoms? Stay at home and have a PCR test done at the GGD.

Corona pass is not likely to apply for education
During the press conference it became clear that the cabinet is considering a Corona admission pass for higher education. For the time being, such pass is not needed. On behalf of all Universities of Applied Sciences, including our University, the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH) has informed the Minister of Education, Culture and Science that we, as educational institutes, are absolutely not in favour of a Corona pass in higher education. This is due to practical and ethical objections.

With the increasing numbers, we know that there are also concerns for some, and that it can be worrying to come to the University for your classes and assignments. Discuss it with fellow students and your teachers.

We urge you to adhere to the measures for a pleasant and safe learning and working environment. Encourage each other too!

For frequently asked questions about Corona, check the FAQ on Iris.


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