Corona measures: online education from Monday 20 december

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For the second time this week, a press conference was held last night. Unfortunately, a hard lockdown has been announced by the Dutch PM, which also affects your education.

Online classes, exceptions for practical education and exams
From Monday 20 December, your classes, with the exception of practical training and physically scheduled exams, will be offered online when possible. What is possible and feasible to offer on Monday will be considered by each programme. Students will be informed of this by their lecturers.

An exception has been made for exams and practical education. These can take place on location according to plan. Our buildings will therefore remain open for practical education and exams.

If you really can't study or work at home, you can do this at one of the locations. You will then be assigned a place where you can work. Social distancing when studying or working at one of our locations is mandatory.

You will be further informed by your study programme about what these restrictions mean for your courses. The restrictions will be in place until at least 9 January.

Last night's message is understandable, but also disappointing. It is different from the situation we had hoped for one week before the Christmas break. We are proud of all of your efforts this year, especially considering the latest changes in circumstances.

We can imagine you may have questions about what classes will look like after the Christmas break. Unfortunately, given the situation, we are unable to provide any clarity on this at the moment. The government will make a decision about the continuation of the lockdown for education after 9 January, no later than 3 January. We will inform you as soon as we know what the outcome of that decision is.

If you are worried or have something on your mind you would like to talk about, stay in touch with your fellow students, coaches, teachers, councillor or student buddies of the Student Success Center. And for frequently asked questions about corona, go to Knowledge Base on Iris.



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