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Corona virus measures February 15th: measure relaxations ahead

mondkapje afdoen

Almost two years after the country was 'locked', the cabinet finally announced yesterday that society can open again. After a period, navigating between extra measures and relaxations, we are happy that higher education can also be completely opened and you can enjoy your student days as usual. We are proud that you and your fellow students have persevered. 

Step by step, the following relaxations will apply to higher education: 

  • From February 18, the maximum group size of 75 people will no longer apply. This means we can use our classrooms to their full capacity.  
  • As of February 25, you no longer have to wear a face mask at the University buildings. Feel free to wear it if you feel more comfortable doing so. 

Stick to the basic measures 
With the relaxation, it is all the more important that we stick to the basic rules. The risk of contamination is still present. We know that there are students who may find it worrying to come to the University buildings. Take each other into account! 

We again call on: stay home with complaints, wash your hands regularly and cough into your elbow. Also do a self-test regularly when you come to the University buildings. You can order self-tests free of charge via or take them with you from the reception or Service desk at our locations.  

We hope these relaxations are permanent. If you have any questions, you can always contact the Student Success Centre or look at Iris under Knowledge Base

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